Cale Tyson

Photo by Melissa Fuller

Texas born, Nashville based Cale Tyson released his debut full length album ‘Careless Soul last month through UK based Clubhouse Records.  He is currently on the last leg of his UK tour and was recently at the Americana Music Association UK Awards where he was nominated for ‘Best International Album’.

According to AMERICANROOTSUK “Cale is the first ‘country singer’ for a long time who can be genuinely referred to as ‘the real deal!…”

1. What has been the greatest influence on your musical career?

It’s really a mixed bag. I’m influenced by all sorts of things – great songwriters, movies, visual art, landscapes, etc. They all play a big role in how I find inspiration.

2. What song are you most proud of and why?

That’s almost like a parent choosing their favourite child. Ha. I guess I’d have to say ‘Traveling Man’, because it all just came to me at once and encapsulated so many emotions that I was feeling at the time without me fully being aware of it.

3. Tell us about your album ‘Careless Soul’. What highlights and challenges did you experience whilst making it?

The album was a pleasure to make. We spent a week at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL doing all the basic tracking, and we were able to feed off the vibes of the studio to make the sounds you hear on the record. Challenge-wise, the rest of the process took almost a year to complete. My producer and I were both touring pretty heavily throughout 2015 and had to match up our schedules to find time to do overdub sessions.

4. Where do you find inspiration for your song writing?

As I said earlier, I find it everywhere. I think the best inspiration comes from personal life experiences, though. It’s kind of hard to fake those.

5. What piece of advice can you give to aspiring country music artists?

Work harder. Push yourself. Don’t be afraid to fall every now and then. It’ll only make you better.

And just for fun…

6. Who is your favourite music artist (dead or alive)?

Tough one… Blaze Foley, maybe. Conor Oberst, maybe. Guy Clark, maybe.

7. If you could wake up in the body of another person (just for one day) who would it be and why?

Jimmy Buffett, so that I could hang out on a beach for the rest of my life and write songs about it.

8. You have the chance to time travel to any gig or concert that has ever taken place – which one would it be?

Who wouldn’t answer this one with The Last Waltz?

9. What is your favourite lyric?

Blaze Foley’s “Rainbows And Ridges” has a great line that comes to mind – “only take buses down memory lane.”

10. Tell us something that will surprise us?

I cry in almost every romantic comedy film I watch.

Cale is currently on the last few UK dates of his Careless Soul Tour:
12th The Maze, NOTTINGHAM
13th Gullivers, MANCHESTER
14th Cluny 2, NEWCASTLE
For further info visit
Follow Cale on Twitter: @caletyson
Buy album Careless Soul on iTunes

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