Blogger Skye ClassBeverly Hills born Skye Class dreamed of travelling the world for many years. In 2014 he finally decided to put his life in a backpack and begin his endless journey. He aims to travel the world indefinitely and visit every country, documenting it all along the way on his blog Skye Travels.

1. What inspired you to start your blog Skye Travels?

A couple years ago, I was working in Hollywood. I’d been doing various jobs and volunteer work over the years, but I always felt like I needed a change of lifestyle. Finally I sat down and really looked at what I wanted to do with my life. I’ve always wanted to help others as my purpose in life, but my goals were to write, travel and work with computers. From that it was a no-brainer to become a travel blogger. My blog is specifically designed to inspire others to travel, and then to assist them in travelling once they begin.

2. You have visited 36 countries on your travels but which one do you feel most passionate about?

Definitely Scotland. I originally arrived in Edinburgh on April 30th, 2015. That day, I did the Hairy Coo bus tour around southern Scotland and then attended the Beltane Festival that night. I had intended to go to Glasgow the next day, and then make my way up to the Isle of Skye. But my Couchsurfing host in Glasgow fell through, and instead I stayed in Edinburgh. A couple days later, I was sitting on the top of Calton Hill in the rain overlooking the city at sunset, and for the first time in my life felt like I truly belonged. Since then I’ve spent over three months in Scotland exploring the beauty of the country, and it never ceases to amaze.


Center of Ghent in Belgium

Center of Ghent in Belgium – one of Skye’s favourite cities.

3. What has been the biggest challenge you have encountered whilst travelling the globe?

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the easiest to fund my travels so far. I left the US with only a few hundred dollars in my pocket. I had hardly anything in savings. But I wasn’t going to let money get in the way of my travels, and I’ve since trained as an English teacher and a Thai massage therapist to help fund my travels, along with monetising my blog. But I’m only now getting to the point where the blog is pulling in income to support my travels, and I’ve lived on a pretty shoe-string budget so far.

4. What advice can you give to someone just starting out with their own blog?

There’s so much I could give. I’ve learned enormous amounts of data from fellow bloggers which I’ve applied myself. But the biggest piece of advice, which really applies to any endeavour, is to get started, persist and don’t give up. Blogging is a full-time job, and you really have to work at it to be successful. It’s a lot of writing (I wrote something like 250,000 words in 2015) and I feel I could have written 3 times that had I slowed down in my travels and spent the time writing. Some people think that travel blogging is the dream job. I point out that it’s living the dream with a rather tough job.

Just going for it and writing as much as you can is also very important because, while many other bloggers will say you have to find your niche, I believe differently. There are 7.4 billion people in the world, and there will always be a handful who want to read your stories. It’s not a matter of tailoring what you write. It’s just a matter of finding your readers. If you write it, they will come.

5. Where do you see Skye Travels in 5 years time?

As mentioned, my main intention with my blog is to help others. In 5 years, I want Skye Travels to be a go-to site for travellers and would-be travellers. I also intend to have it built up long before then to the point where it will support me financially in my travels, but only in as much that it will allow me to help others more. I’m not looking for the big house in New York, as some bloggers are. My idea of the future is a small tiny home somewhere in Scotland as a home base, which I make available for other travellers while I’m travelling the world myself.

And just for fun…

The Storr - Isle of Skye

The Storr – Isle of Skye

6. Tell us something about your favourite holiday destination?

Hmm, it’s hard to consider something as a holiday destination, since I’m a permanent traveller and I feel like my whole life is a holiday. But the one place I find the most amazing, and would like to “escape” to more than any other is the Isle of Skye. It simply is the most beautiful place I’ve travelled, to, and it’s not surprising that it’s considered the most beautiful island and best vacation spot in the UK. But the truth is that any place with amazingly beautiful scenery would be my favourite holiday destination.

7. You have a time travel machine and can use it just once. Where do you go?

That’s not fair. Too many to choose from. But the one that came to mind is to go a hundred years in the future, in order to find and bring back technology which would help our current culture. Unfortunately I’m afraid I could also find how bad our culture had become with no technology to help, and all I would be bringing back is a warning!

8. Travelling all over the world you have experienced many different cuisines, which one is your favourite?

These questions are just too hard! I have said that if I was forced to pick only one food to eat for a length of time, I would choose sushi. At the same time, I will eat Italian food any chance I get. But there are so many cuisines I love so much. Real Thai food in Thailand is just so delicious. I’m constantly craving good fish and chips from Scotland or pierogi from Poland or Indian food or… One of the reasons why I travel is to try all the food around the world, and there’s hardly any that I just don’t like.

9. What have you learned in the last week?

Quite a lot actually. I’ve had some amazing discussions with quite a few friends about all kinds of different things, and it’s really just made me look at myself more, my purposes in life, how I’m helping others, how I’m going to fund my travels more, etc. Also, I’ve just been to the Isle of Skye (and was there the week before as well), and I’ve learned all kinds of great places to send other travellers all around the island, which I’m looking forward to writing about soon. Then for little things, I learned all about the distillation process of Whiskey at Talisker, about Mary Queen of Scots, about Loch Ness and many other things.

10. What is your favourite quote?

Hmm. There’s a lot to choose from, but two key ones come to mind.

“What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when you lose that, you have lost everything. What is personal integrity? Personal integrity is knowing what you know. What you know is what you know and to have the courage to know and say what you have observed. And that is integrity and there is no other integrity.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Saint Augustine.

You can follow Skye’s adventures on Twitter – @SkyeTravels


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