Bill DeWeesBill DeWees is a professional voice over artist from Chicago in the USA. He has featured on thousands of adverts on radio and television for many world famous brands including; Coke, Microsoft, Adidas and Disney to name a few.

1. When did you discover you had a talent for voice over work and how did you get into the business?

I first became interested in speaking into a microphone by about age 11 or 12. I use to “borrow” my little sister’s cassette recorder and pretend to be a disc jockey, recording my self introducing records and reading stories out of the newspaper. My real career in voiceover did not begin until about 35 years later, when at age 46 I was downsized from my corporate job. It was at that time I knew it was time to pursue my dream.

2. Can you name some of the most popular campaigns that you have done voice over work for?

You may have heard my voice on commercials or corporate projects for Chevrolet, Microsoft, Nestle, Warner Brothers, NBC Universal, Google, and many thousands more.

3. What project that you have worked on are you most proud of and why?

In 2014, I was selected to be the global “image voice” of the Chevrolet “Find New Roads” campaign. In addition to it being a very big pay day for me (and only for recording 4 words!) I was on Chevrolet commercials throughout the world.

4. You have a weekly podcast on iTunes and YouTube to teach others about voice over work and share tips on how to do well in the business. What is the single most important piece of advice you can give to someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

Let me also say that I have over 400 voice over video tutorials on YouTube. Know that you REALLY want to do this before you begin the journey because it requires an immense amount of tenacity and determination. I can safely say that far more quit in frustration than succeed in this business. Often, not because of lack of talent, but simply lack of stamina and determination.

5. What exciting projects are you currently working on?

Last night I saw a new TV commercial that I voiced for a kid’s toy called “Black Ice Drifter”. That was a lot of fun to record and to see the final commercial! Right now I record a lot of commercials for Kevin Harrington (one of the original “Sharks” from TV’s “Shark Tank”). His commercials are always exciting and fun to record.

And Just For Fun…

1. What song do you sing in the shower?

I LOVE to sing, but for some reason I never do it in the shower. I use my voice so much during the day, I’m pretty quiet when I’m not in the studio.

2. How do you spend your free time?

Golf, playing guitar, and playing with my grandkids (3 of them).

3. If you became President, what is the first thing you would do?

Play golf with all living former presidents

4. Who do you most admire in life?

My dad. He passed away about 30 years ago but his kind, gentle, and motivating spirit continues to guide me today.

5. What is your favourite quote?

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed, is more important than any other one thing” Abraham Lincoln

Find out more about Bill on his website
Check out Bill’s YouTube channel.
Follow Bill on Twitter – @billdewees

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