5 minutes with Comic Actor Bentley Browning Bentley Browning is a Stand-up Comic, Comic Actor and Professional Comedy Coach with a great reputation for bringing the best out of students.  His courses have gained widespread mass media exposure on major TV channels and many newspapers.

He regularly appears at public speaking events talking on the transformational power of comedy, how comedy techniques can get you media attention and how to kill the fears of public speaking.

1. Do you believe you are born funny or is it something you work at?

I think some people are born funny but I also believe it is possible to be very funny without having funny bones.  It is possible to teach an unfunny person how to be funny, as a lot of humour is just based on techniques which anyone can learn.

2. Which is the most memorable show you have done and why?

I’ve just recently been on stage at Beat the Frog in Manchester, that was a very memorable gig because gong shows are notorious for heckling, shouting out noise and general feelings of nausea onstage.

I did my priest act and tried to keep the jokes coming thick and fast and I lasted the full 5 minutes.  The night before I lasted 2 minutes at the Comedy Store gong show – so that failure inspired me the next night.

3. Where do you get content ideas from?

I like making fun of myself self depreciation wise. It’s easier to write about yourself in a way, and it helps create a comedy persona.  It can be liberating to come clean about your failures, weaknesses and bad side.

4. How did you get into comedy coaching?

After running TEFL classes for 15 years and doing acting workshops, I enrolled on a comedy course and after loads of gigs I realised I knew enough to at least get people started.

I started a course and it went well, so I took a big risk and I quit my job as an English language teacher.  Teaching comedy is very rewarding.  I love seeing people come out of themselves and make an audienece laugh.  They surprise themselves and their friends are even more surprised.

5. Tell us about your favourite acting gig to date?

My favourite acting gig so far is the role I did as the bad guy in the US TV series Dark Justice Episode 13.  I had to kill my mother and father, drive a massive Merc and play the most disgustingly creepy rich prat ever.  That was fun.  It was all filmed to look like LA but it was Barcelona!

And just for fun…

6. How do you unwind?

By swimming in freezing water at the local lido every morning.  I wear a wetsuit below 10 degrees, which makes me look like I am off to a fetish party.

7. What is your favourite song to sing at karaoke or in the shower?

I have no fave song but I often find myself humming Motley Crue’s Shout at the Devil.

8. Favourite holiday destination?


9. The perfect partner in 5 words?

Arty, spiritual, sexy, intellectual and tolerant.

10. Cheese or cake?


Contact Bentley at www.comedynovices.com – he has some free taster classes coming up.
Follow Bentley on Twitter – @bentleybrowning


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