jojo parentingIn 2016 we interviewed well-being and mental health blogger Mummy JoJo. In 2018, with a new podcast AND a book storming it’s way up the Amazon best-sellers charts, it seems this inspirational Edinburgh lady is unstoppable! We caught up with JoJo to find out how her goals have changed and what inspired her latest projects.

1. Welcome back JoJo! Since we last spoke to you you’ve launched your own podcast! What inspired you to do that?
I am sick of the bull and people putting on a mask when they don’t need to.  Sharing helps.  You don’t need to share to the masses, like I often do, but it really really helps to try and push the ego aside and share.  Granted, some people are too unwell mentally to do so and I get that.  Sometimes getting out of bed is a challenge.  To know the podcast helps people on those days keeps me working hard at it.

2. You recently wrote a post highlighting the work that goes into blogging, challenging the preconception that bloggers are ‘blaggers’. How much work and time goes into each of your posts? 
It really varies.  Sometimes hours and hours.  Granted, the more I do it, the more I know what works and what I like which saves time.  I think it needs to be remembered how hard people work to grow a brand.  It is not just about the work on a project, there is SO much more to it than that.  It’s about the years of work and plugging away that goes on behind the scenes.

mummy jojo amazon

3. In your first interview with us, you said that one of your goals was to become an author – and now you’re first book has just shot to the top of the Amazon best sellers list! Tell us what the book is about and how it came to be?

I’ll tell you how the focus groups described it as I find it hard to put into words.  It certainly covers all the mistakes I have made and what not to do if you are looking to get your mojo back shining bright.

4. This year you’ve been collaborating with some pretty big brands – have you come across any challenges when doing so? 

I only work with brands that I love and also brands that care about wellness and mental health.  I love that.  Challenges would be when I take on too much at once.  Another important point is that a lot of brands pay bloggers AND give them free products and services. I have heard of brands that gift free products/services without a fee AND expect an awful lot of work in return.  I normally go with my gut feeling if I feel something is unfair, but getting clarity with this is important.  I have been working with Emma from Forth Coaching and she is amazing at helping me with this.

5. Both your podcast and your book touch heavily on mental health awareness. Have you ever any moments when you’ve felt like your work has really helped someone?

Pretty much every single day I get messages saying I have helped people either smile, laugh, feel normal or think about things from a new perspective.  Best feeling ever.  I want to do even more, I want to reach even more and spread the mojo vibes.  I am blown away by all the support this year.

mummy jojo book

And just for fun …

6.  You’re known on your Instagram channel for being a bit of a karaoke queen. What would be your go to song to cheer someone up?
Too many to pick one, I sing anything and everything.  I often do song requests and find out peoples favourite songs and sing them.  I am LOVING George Ezra right now and, of course, The Greatest Showman soundtrack.

7. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
I mix it up a bit to be honest.  Lately I have been working a bit later and enjoying a lie in as it is the summer holidays.  Sleep is key for our wellness so I just take what I can get, when I can.  School run starts this week again though so I guess we are going morning person until the next set of holidays.
mummy jojo kids
8. If you could give your younger self any piece of advice, what would it be?
Care less about what people think.  Keep smiling.  Stay true to your values and even if you get really stressed, try not to be as ass-hole.  Take a bit time out doing something that leaves you feeling grounded.  Oh, and keep up the exercise – even when it is the last thing you want to do.  Just do it, you will never regret it.  Don’t let people treat you like crap, there is a fine line between kindness and being a pushover.  You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.  Tell those thoughts of self doubt to PIPE DOWN.  We are all freaking awesome.

9. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
So many things – to name a few – a singer, an actress, a nursery teacher …

jojo kids
10. You’ve got two wonderful children who seems to love getting involved in your posts, but you’re refreshingly honest about the struggles of motherhood. What’s your favourite thing to do with your kids?
I love snuggling with them in bed with a good book, taking them to new places and seeing their faces light up with excitement, eating nice food and of course – singing and dancing.  There is always music.

Read all JoJo’s latest posts at
Follow her on Twitter @mummyjojouncut
JoJo’s book is available or Amazon or at Waterstones now!

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