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Wemyss Malts

5 minutes with Isabella Wemyss, Co-Founder of Wemyss Malts and Kingsbarns Distillery

Isabella Wemyss (Pronounced ‘Weems’) is the Co-Founder and lady behind Wemyss Malts Kingsbarns Distillery. With Whisky flavours such as Butterscotch Ice Cream, Hazelnut praline and Caramel Apple Sauce (to name […]

Dr Liita Cairney, Founder of FirstPeriod

5 minutes with Dr Liita Cairney, Founder of

Dr Liita I. Cairney is the creator of the Koree, a uniquely designed, externally worn, re-usable feminine hygiene product. With this creation, Dr. Cairney aims to support and help solve […]