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mummy jojo

5 minutes with mental health blogger Mummy Jojo – Part 2

jojo parentingIn 2016 we interviewed well-being and mental health blogger Mummy JoJo. In 2018, with a new podcast AND a book storming it’s way up the Amazon best-sellers charts, it seems this inspirational Edinburgh lady is unstoppable! We caught up with JoJo to find out how her goals have changed and what inspired her latest projects.

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Kelly Bakewell

5 minutes with Miss Scottish Pin-Up 2015 – Kelly Bakewell

As well as a popular Pin-Up Model, Edinburgh based, Kelly Bakewell is a Personal Trainer, Hairstylist, Agent for the Designer Mr Pearl and Musclecake Ambassador. She has a dedicated fan base on social media who love her vintage style and glamour.

1. How and when did you become a Pin-Up Model?

I have always loved old Hollywood and the ideals of the 50’s. I have always liked to make an effort in the way that I dress and present myself. Not for anyone else, just for me. I think that is the best way to do anything…for yourself.

I started modelling about ‘cough’ years ago. I had been asked to model a range of vintage swimwear through a friend of a friend and it just went from there. I don’t model so much now unless the concept really interests me. Read More

Vicki Psarias - Honest Mum

5 minutes with Filmmaker and Blogger Vicki Psarias (aka Honest Mum)

vicki (aka honest mum)Vicki is a professional blogger, award winning film-maker, vlogger, mother of 2 and Oxfam ambassador. A critically acclaimed writer, her work has featured in a vast number of campaigns and in press and on TV. Clients included Google, Selfridges, John Lewis, H&M and M&S…to name just a few.

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Barry and Josef Church-Woods

5 minutes with Barry Church-Woods – Venues & Companies Manager at Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Co Founder of The Big C and LGBTicons.com


Barry Church-WoodsBarry Church-Woods is an accomplished project manager, a successful blogger, a passionate self starter and a campaigner for equality.

1. What do you love most about working for Edinburgh Festival Fringe?

I travel quite a lot with the Fringe Society to let people know what it’s all about and how to take part. A couple of days before previews there’s a moment when the noise outside changes. When you can hear the drag of suitcases and sets as the acts arrive, ready for their set up and tech rehearsals. That’s the bit I absolutely love. When it’s all about to happen and the artists are here. Each year I get to support so many brilliantly inspiring creatives. Mad, funny, tortured and ambitions, all bringing their work to the largest arts market on the planet. They make the Fringe happen. They turn our tiny city into the cultural centre of the universe for 25 days in August.

I’m actually leaving the Fringe Society to run Civil Disobedience in a couple of months. I’ll be producing on the Fringe, so hopefully I can still experience it in all its brilliance – just from the other side.

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