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5 minutes with Ben Schögler – Co-Founder of Skoogmusic

Dr. Ben Schögler is the Co-Founder of Skoogmusic. This rising British tech business is the proud parent of the ingenious Skoog, an electronic musical instrument design to be played by everyone, regardless of their skills, abilities or musical talents. Alongside […]

Hermann Lammers Meyer
Jonathan Trew
Kinderjazz band
Cale Tyson by Melissa Fuller
Chemistry Lane

5 minutes with the band Chemistry Lane

Simon Jones (vocals), Dan Pritchard (bass, synth), Sam Pritchard (guitar, synth), Tom Scargill (guitar), and Sean Stockton (drums), are all members of the Chester based band Chemistry Lane. Combining all their individual tastes and fusing several styles of music together, their sound evades […]

Francis Macdonald
The Swiss Family Orbison 1